Local conservation center launches team to manage beaver habitat

Think Wild, a wildlife hospital and conservation center in Central Oregon, has launched a new “Beaver Response Team” to help manage beaver habitats in Central Oregon.

Pamela Adams, the Beaver Response Team Program Manager, said many homeowners in Tumalo have recently experienced fallen trees, property flooding or culvert blockages on their property because of beaver activity.

Some homeowners try to stop the beavers from property damage by setting up traps, Adams said. The team aims to help home owners protect their property while protecting the animal’s habitat.

“Trapping didn’t work, so we thought we’d come in with some other solutions like tree fencing, sand painting, other level devices for flood control if they block a culvert,” Adams said. “So there’s a lot of great new technology that’s pretty simple where it’s about coexistence with the beavers.”

Adams said if a homeowner has trouble with beavers destroying property or landscape, they should contact the team for advice.



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