▶️ Bend coffee shop not enforcing masks, allowing indoor seating



In July, Kevista Coffee was fined $8,900 for willfully failing to require face coverings.

The Bend coffee shop isn’t letting that penalty, which they appealed, or current state regulations stop them from running their business.

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) says fines against them could grow even higher.

“For a willful violation, and willful is literally where the employer is choosing to disregard standards that are there to protect workers,” Aaron Corvin, Oregon OSHA public information officer said. “Those range from a minimum of about $8,900 to a maximum of about $126,000.”

The coffee shop is offering indoor seating and not requiring masks for both customers and employees.

Cambria Jacobson is a frequent customer at Kevista, and says the lack of masks and amount of people don’t bother her.

“It doesn’t necessarily make me more or less comfortable either way,” Jacobson said. “We haven’t been through a situation like this before, so trusting that other people still have the freedom to make decisions, so long as they’re not harming other people.”

The initial penalty was enforced after Oregon OSHA received a complaint.

Another inspection is currently underway after Oregon OSHA received two more complaints against Kevista.

“Our expectation is that businesses are engaging,” Corvin said. “Making sure that they’re talking to customers about the importance to wear those face coverings.”

The owner of Kevista Coffee declined to speak with us today.


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