▶️ Central Oregonians travel to March on Washington


It was a life-changing experience thousands of miles away from home.

“There were kids, there were seniors, there were young adults, there were all colors, all ethnicities,” Adriana Aquarius said. “Everybody was standing in solidarity.”

Aquarius was one of the thousands of people who gathered for the 2020 March on Washington event in Washington D.C Friday. It was held in the same spot that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech 57 years ago.

For Aquarius, the event was both about solidarity and her own activism in Central Oregon.

“I was, for a couple of months, right on the front lines,” Aquarius said. “I was holding protests and it took its toll on me. I kind of needed this to be my respark slash my ‘it’s ok not to lead everything.'”

But among the beautiful moments, there were mixed emotions of sadness and relief.

“I got to see families of victims like Jacob Blake’s family and I got to see Breonna Taylor’s mom,” Aquarius said. “It was kind of like…closure? Seeing them up there, knowing what they’ve gone through and seeing what they’re asking for was just so moving to me.”

Aquarius wants to extend thanks to everyone in Central Oregon supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“It’s important and we can’t do this on our own,” Aquarius said.


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