▶️ Latino Fest returns, in person, to Central Oregon


People gathered in Madras Saturday for the return of one of Central Oregon’s biggest cultural festivals.

It was an all-out cultural celebration at Sahalee Park as people gathered for Latino Fest. It’s the first time the event was held in person since 2019.

The organization Latino Community Association hosted the event showcasing cultures from many Latin American countries.

Latino Fest was worth the wait. 

“Everybody likes it, they really enjoy it they have a lot of fun. They really enjoy all the different performers, the food,” said Jose Adame, a volunteer with the Latino Community Association. “From the kids all the way to the adults, everybody likes it.”

There were 113 booths for people of all ages to check out. This includes vendors selling traditional clothing, handmade goods and decorating your own skull candies. 

There was endless entertainment for all such as performances with Azteca and folklorico dancers.

Representatives from different Latin American countries teaching the public what makes them unique. 

“People can see and get together and we can learn from other people, what they do their dance, food and dresses. It’s really important to get together and share their culture,” said Nancy Pobiz Egoabil from Peru

It also gave local organizations an opportunity to share what they have to offer

We’re just trying to get Latinos and people of color so this is the perfect place. Get to connect some families, some children, adults anyones who’s interested in going outside with us and year,” said Vamonos Outside intern Jorge Lopez.

For others in attendance, it was about having fun.

“I like the bouncy house and there’s this cool booth over there,” said Leiland. 

Overall it gave the community a chance to meet one another.

“Come and join celebrate the latino cultures that are in Central Oregon. We are more and more diverse every year,” said Mayra Benitez with Latino Community Association. “So we want to make sure that everybody feels included and welcome.”



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