▶️ Latino Community Association receives $95,000 for Workforce Program


Central Oregon’s Latino Community Association has been given three grants to be used towards its Workforce Program.

The grant money is from:

  • $75,000 from the Northwest Area Foundation
  • $10,000 from U.S. Bank through its Community Possible giving platform
  • $10,000 from Wells Fargo Foundation

According to a report from LCA, there are around 20,000 Latinos living in Central Oregon. 

“There’s about 25% of that 20,000, so 5,000 roughly, that are recent immigrants from Latin America,” said Brad Porterfield, executive director of LCA. 

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The Workforce Program offers many resources:

  • English classes
  • Tutoring
  • Computer training
  • Resume assistance
  • Business advice
  • Job placement
  • Job referrals

You do not have to look far to find someone who has benefitted from this program. Working in the office was Pilar, a woman who was assisted by LCA after moving to Central Oregon. She is from Peru and has a masters degree with a background in higher education. 

Pilar just moved to the area and was looking for a job,” said Carolina Afre, work force program navigator. “We created her resume and I helped her apply for a couple jobs.”

With the grant money recently given, this has opened up a new position at LCA.

“It also gives us some extra income to hire a new position that we’re looking to hire which is a workforce education coordinator,” said Porterfield.

After Pilar was helped by the program, she was hired on to help other Latinos looking to obtain employment or increase their income. 


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