▶️ Laird Superfood closing Sisters facility, laying off staff


Laird Superfood is shutting down its Sisters production facility and laying off all 46 workers. The company announced the move in a letter to employees Wednesday.

“It is with great sadness that we announce today that we will be closing our Production and Fulfillment facility and will begin to co-manufacture our products,” said Laird CEO Jason Vieth.

“The reason for this decision is based on an inability to produce at this facility at a rate that is competitive with the industry, which is exacerbating significant financial pressure currently on the business,” he continued.

The entire facility at 275 W Lundgren Mill Drive is expected to close permanently on or about Dec. 31. Vieth said termination dates would vary based on departments.

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Eleven Production and Engineering, Maintenance and Facilities employees are expected to be laid off on Dec. 12 — 13 days before Christmas.

Warehouse, Fulfillment, Inventory employees, as well as some Marketing and Administrative employees will be let go on Dec. 31 while two managers and a supervisor will be there until Jan. 31, 2023.

Veith said the company will offer severance benefits to eligible employees and will coordinate outplacement support to help those workers find new jobs.

Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) said in May that Laird was the third-largest employer in Sisters, public or private.

The company was founded by big wave surfing star Laird Hamilton and his wife, volleyball star and model Gabrielle Reese.

Below is a story Central Oregon Daily News did on Laird’s merger with Picky Bar last year.


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