▶️ ‘I have never seen this’: Chaotic storm rattles longtime La Pine residents


A storm wreaked havoc in La Pine Tuesday night, the end of a wild day of thunderstorms that moved across Central Oregon.

“The sky started turning black from the East and I thought, ‘oh something is going on,’” said Dave Barrera.

“We could hear the rain coming down,” said Dick Beeson.

“I was hailing hard. You couldn’t even see 10-15 feet outside,” said William J. Hoffman.

“It was about 3 minutes long and it was absolute chaos, absolutely crazy,” said Scott Hieatt.

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A severe storm blew through Northern La Pine, causing destruction in the area.

“I bet it rained an inch in 10 minutes,” said Beeson.

“We heard a lot of big booms and stuff started exploding,” said Hoffman.

“Gust of wind blew so hard. I ain’t never seen nothing like it,” said Barrera.

“It was enough to just change the entire landscape,” said Hieatt. “It’s kind of nuts.”

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A storm that those on Bridge Drive couldn’t believe.

“It was just like a big burst of energy coming through here and it was scary,” said Hoffman.

“Everything was just doing a spin. It was almost like a tornado,” said Beeson.

“All of sudden it was like I was in Bali or something,” said Hieatt. “It was like a monsoon.”

Power companies and logging crews were on scene soon after the storm fixing downed power lines and clearing out the roads.

Midstate Electric Cooperative reports around 700 members without power.

Some got the brunt of the destruction, while others were a bit more lucky.

“One limb fell on the left, missed my RV,” said Barrera. “One fell on the right and missed my RV. My RV is not touched at all and I am just about to sell it.”

The National Weather Service says winds were around 60 miles per hour with abundant lighting.

“I have never seen anything like this,” said Hieatt. “I have lived here my whole life. I have never seen this. I mean this tree has been here ever since I was a little kid. I remember, this is like our little pathway here. To see it kind of knocked down is kind of surreal.”

Midstate Electric Cooperative says some members may not have power until sometime Wednesday, though there is no estimated time for full restoration.


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