▶️ Following walkout, 5 state senators sue for right to run for re-election


Oregon’s Republican senators have come together to sue the Oregon secretary of state, saying they still have the right to run for office in their next elections.

Following this session’s six-week walkout, Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade determined that senators who had 10 unexcused absences could not file to be on the next ballot under Measure 113. That’s the measure approved by voters last year after years of legislative walkouts.

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Five of those senators, including Tim Knopp of Bend, are suing for the right to run. They claim that the language of the measure says they cannot run in the election after their current term ends. Since the election is held in November, but their term ends the following January, they say the measure means they can run for one more term before the ban begins.

Central Oregon Daily tried reaching out to Knopp, but he was unavailable for comment Monday



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