▶️ OSP: Dogs, pups abandoned for days in stolen U-Haul in Klamath Falls rescued


Oregon State Police said troopers rescued 25 dogs and puppies on Thanksgiving after some of them were found in an abandoned U-Haul in Klamath Falls. The dogs reportedly had been in the truck for three days.

According to OSP, troopers responded to the Love’s Truck Stop in Klamath Falls on Thursday, Nov. 23, after a report of the U-Haul that had been left there since Monday, Nov. 20. Troopers arrived to hear barking coming from the back of the truck.

The U-Haul was reported stolen, OSP said, and troopers obtained a search warrant. Seven cages were found inside with 15 abandoned dogs including several puppies. OSP said the dogs were severely neglected, but alive. 

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Troopers contacted two suspects and recovered 10 more dogs, state police said. 

OSP said David Eugene McMillion, 50, of Klamath Falls was arrested for Animal Abandonment, Criminal Mischief II, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and Animal Neglect II. Lisa Annette Weeks, 39, of Klamath Falls was charged with Animal Abandonment, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, and Animal Neglect II. 

All 25 dogs were taken to the Klamath County Animal Shelter for evaluation and care. One puppy has tested positive for canine parvo. All dogs currently at the shelter have been quarantined and the shelter sanitized to help prevent further spread of the disease.

Once they are medically cleared, the dogs will be available for adoption. OSP said the animal shelter has already received dozens of adoption applications for the dogs.  

Klamath Falls U-Haul dogs abandoned
Oregon State Police say 15 dogs were found abandoned in a stolen U-Haul in Klamath Falls, Ore., Nov. 23, 2023. (Oregon State Police)
Klamath Falls U-Haul abandoned dogs rescue
Two Oregon State Police troopers hold several puppies that OSP said were found abandoned in a stolen U-Haul in Klamath Falls, Ore., Nov. 23, 2023. (Oregon State Police)


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