▶️ Kindred Connections hopes to expand services in remodeled Redmond home


The purchase and remodel of a Redmond home will allow a local non-profit to help more families in crisis.

Kindred Connections currently provides temporary resources to children whose families are going through hardships, that includes making use of host families.

Metolius residents Scott and Kelly Teeny have been a host family for Kindred Connections since 2019, an experience he describes as worthwhile and rewarding.

“It’s pretty cool to know that you’re making a difference,” Teeny said. “I’m confident this facility will really help with making more connections and impacting more kids’ lives.”

Volunteer host families can temporarily care for a child or children in their home, for how long depends on the situation.

“Host families currently with Kindred Connections can care for a child sometimes as little as a few hours while their parents are at an appointment or even as long as a month or a year,” Jana Hill, Kindred Connections agency and church liaison said. “Our hope is that we’re preserving the family and preventing the disillusion of family.”

The non-profit hopes to expand these services in a Redmond home on Canal Boulevard, purchased by local youth services organization J Bar J.

Instead of a host family, a paid full-time, live-in staff facilitator will be hired alongside volunteers.

Once open, kids can have a place to go after school, on the weekends, or stay short-term until a host home is found.

“We can help more kids,” Hill said. “If there’s someone that’s always available.”

The house requires a $135,000 remodel and $25,000 has been raised so far.

That price tag will provide a safe space for kids and some time for parents to recoup.

“They’ll have the ability to step right into a situation or out of a situation temporarily,” Teeny said. “However long that is, to make an adjustment.”

The hope is to have the home remodeled and ready for use by this fall.

You can contribute to and learn more about Kindred Connections here.


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