▶️ Ashes of murder victim Kaylee Sawyer stolen, thrown in dumpster


A man convicted of multiple property crimes gets more than years in prison. And prosecutors say as a result of one of those crimes, he threw away some of the ashes of murder victim Kaylee Sawyer.

Sawyer was kidnapped and murdered by a Central Oregon Community College security guard in 2016.

That crime led to Kaylee’s Law, which requires that campus security be clearly distinguishable from actual law enforcement.

Nearly five year’s after Sawyer’s death, John Vierra is accused of breaking into the family’s storage unit in Bend. Among the items prosecutors say he stole and later threw away in a dumpster was a necklace containing some of Kaylee’s ashes.

Vierra broke into several other storage units, ultimately pleading guilty to 16 property crimes.

He was sentenced this week to 40 months in prison, although prosecutors said they wished the sentence was longer.

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