Juniper allergies will lessen by May, but more allergies on the way


Coughing, sneezing and watery eyes are a problem for many people in Central Oregon, but not from COVID-19. Juniper pollen counts are forcast to be high on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Juniper allergies typically wane by the end of April, but Dr. Adam Williams, an allgergist at Summit Medical Group, said other allergies may be right around the corner.

“If people are only allergic to juniper, they should be getting better any day now, and they will be done for the season,” Williams said. “But, so many people who have juniper pollen allergies have tree pollen and grass pollen allergies. And so, for those people, they can continue to have allergies, unfortunately, though probably the end of July.”

Williams said suffering with allergies does not make someone more susceptible to COVID-19. Still, coughing and sneezing could spread the virus from someone carrying COVID-19, so Williams suggests staying away from other people until allergy symptoms improve.


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