Jefferson Co. teacher placed on leave after tirade against anti-lockdown group


A Jefferson County School District teacher has been placed on administrative leave after giving the middle finger and hurling f-bombs repeatedly at “Will Not Comply” protestors recently in Bend.

The moment was captured on cellphone video and a version of it shared on Twitter has been seen more than two million times. {CAUTION: THE VIDEO CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY BE UNSUITABLE FOR SOME VIEWERS.}

In the video, the woman can be seen and heard yelling at the group that she is a teacher. She tells someone to “kill yourself” and says “my students’ families are dying.”

The group gathered at the corner of Wall and Newport to protest Gov. Kate Brown’s recent COVID restrictions that close restaurants and bars among other things.

Once aware she’s being filmed, the woman enthusiastically waves and says “hi” at cameras pointed in her direction.

Jefferson Co. School District Superintendent Ken Parshall confirmed the first-year teacher has been placed on leave, saying they’re aware of the situation and it is under investigation.




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