▶️ JeffCo Sheriff’s Office Using “Bladders” to Help Fight Fires

For the second time in as many weeks, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Monday prevented a brush fire from growing out of control thanks to new “bladder bags” carried in each patrol car.

Sheriff Jim Adkins was on a ride-along with his deputy son when they got a call about a fire along Highway 97 northeast of Madras.

“Myself and my son arrived on scene and we were able to utilize his water bag on board to actually keep the fire from spreading further into the sagebrush,” Adkins said.

Adkins said the idea originally came from the Jefferson County Fire Chief a couple of years ago and he doesn’t know of any other law enforcement agencies using the bladder bags.

He believes it’s been successful because deputies are often the first one on the scene of fire incidents.

“This has saved a lot of time and trouble,” he said. “We would hav had numerous fires, I think, get more out of control than what we’ve had before.”

Each bag holds five gallons of water.

Monday’s fire, near Lyle Gap, remains under investigation.




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