▶️ It’s A’s for for everyone at Sisters Elementary School



Brittaney Brown has been teaching kindergarten at Sisters Elementary School for the past two years.

When she’s not creating lesson plans, Brittaney is keeping track of her husband Seth as he travels the country playing left field for the Oakland Athletics.

“He got called up about a month and a half ago so it’s been pretty much a whirlwind since then,” she said. “When it first happened, it was kind of out of the blue and i was driving and he was like, ‘you need to get to Kansas City!’ And it was the first day of school!”

Brittaney says she and Seth, a Klamath Falls native, do most of their flying on the weekends, organizing from afar and coordinating where he’s going to be next.

“I teach full time and he’s up there so it’s like, calling at lunch like ‘hey where are you?!'”

When Brittaney’s fellow teachers heard about Seth’s promotion to the show, they stepped in to make sure he and Brittaney knew how much they supported them.

“It became this movement within the building and we have some other teachers on the kindergarten team who said, ‘we’re going to do shirts,'” said Principal Joan Warburg.

And on the first Friday of school, staff surprised Brittaney in a way she’d never forget.

“The whole staff was in these Oakland Athletic shirts with ‘Brown’ on the back and I just remember thinking, ‘We are so blessed and lucky that we have a staff who is excited and supports sports and athletics and my husband. It was kind of an emotional experience and I’m not really an emotional person!”

Some of the families from Sisters even attended a game in Seattle with Brittaney.

The school’s staff says their bond goes beyond being co-workers.

“We work in a place where we care about one another and we’re really a family,” Warburg said.

“It’s been everyday come to school it’s been an excitement of, “what’s going on in the games?!” And ‘how are the games going?!’ And we’re a really big sports family so it’s been really fun to just share that with everybody int he community.”


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