Incomplete shot records keep more than 100 Deschutes Co. kids out of class


Just over 100 Deschutes County children were excluded from in-person learning Wednesday morning for incomplete immunization records with their schools, according to the health department.

County health sent “Exclusion Orders” to parents of 993 public and private school children in Bend, Redmond and Sisters, notifying them of incomplete or missing immunization records.

Ultimately, 101 public school students in Bend-La Pine and five in Sisters were excluded.

In Redmond, 75 students failed to provide updated shot records, but the district did not exclude them from online learning.

“Students who have not met the requirements will be excluded from coming onto our campuses starting today and until they have met the requirements,” said Kim Kirk, the district’s head nurse. “Our students who plan to continue with full-time online learning for this year will be reassessed for immunization compliance in the fall.”

The health department won’t have numbers for childcare/preschool and private schools until the beginning of March when the summary reports are due.

Morgan Emerson, a spokeswoman for Deschutes County Health, said up-to-date records are required for kids attending class online as well as in-person because students are likely to be in attendance at the school for various reasons during the school year.

The law requires schools to report for any student who is on campus five or more times during the school year for any reason.

Once an up-to-date record is provided to the child’s school or childcare facility, the student can return immediately, Emerson said.


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