▶️ If you build it, they will run: Tiny Maupin looks to build world-class track


The rural community of Maupin has a project that has captured the imagination of former Nike executives, elite athletes and the entire town.

The project: Transform a sorry looking high school track that’s the wrong shape, size and surface and turn it into a world-class facility, that draws world-class athletes, and do it all in a town with a population of 430 residents.

And they want to do it in time for the 2021 Track and Field World Championships set for Eugene.

Thousands of elite athletes will flock to the event and will be here ahead of the meet to train.

Organizers say they have raised close to a third of the $1.6 million dollars needed for the project and they are hoping to complete the facility before the spring high school track season gets underway next year.

Also worth noting the Oregon National Guard will be in Maupin next month to begin the project.

The first task is to bring in tons of dirt to fill in the backside 200-meter corner so the track can be the correct shape.

To learn more about the project or to donate head to the website maupindrac.org


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