▶️’Lava Show’ gives you front row seat to rivers of lava without fear of injury


Watching a volcano erupt is a bucket list item for some people. Now there’s a way to get a front-row seat to rivers of boiling lava without the risk of getting hurt.

The new tourist attraction in Iceland, known as the land of fire and ice, is called “The Lava Show.”

“It’s real lava, actually real live lava!” Eleanor shouted. She came all the way from Colorado with her family to see the show.

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As she put on protective glasses, she added, “And it’s so hot, you have to wear these glasses when they pour it down the spout!”

Furnaces remelt lava from one of Iceland’s volcanoes that blew more than one hundred years ago, sending red-hot molten lava down a chute and into a showroom.

“You can probably get much closer to the lava in a situation like this, much more so than you could in a real eruption,” says Iain MacKinnon, one of the hosts for the Lava Show. “You get all the sights and sounds and smells, but of course, because the lava that we’re melting here has already erupted, any toxic gases and stuff have left,” MacKinnon says.

Australian tourist Jasmine Luong was amazed.

“It was really beautiful. I can see why a lot of people would be drawn to it or really attracted by it,” she says.

The spectacular sight was so exciting for Eleanor, she documented the unique adventure on social media. She showed off a piece of volcanic glass she got on her family’s ‘Elementary Explorers’ channel.

Iceland has 32 active volcanoes, the largest number in Europe.


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