▶️ Jury deliberations begin in Ian Cranston murder trial


Jury deliberations began Tuesday afternoon in the murder trial of Ian Cranston in Bend and are expected to continue Wednesday.

Cranston is on trial for charges of second degree murder, first degree manslaughter, and second degree manslaughter after shooting and killing Barry Washington, Jr. in Downtown Bend in September 2021.

The prosecution and defense both gave their closing arguments Tuesday morning before the jury was given its instructions. 

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The prosecution presented first.

“As he [Washington] was lying on that sidewalk, dying, [saying] ‘Take me home, take me home,'” State Prosecutor Brooks McClain said in his final argument. The state has proven this case beyond a reasonable doubt, and the defendant is guilty of each and every one of these charged counts.”

The defense then addressed the jury, arguing against the state’s argument that Cranston had other alternatives instead of shooting Washington.

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“It’s hard for me to imagine the state suggesting to you, the three of these people, the stunned, bleeding, rocked Ian Cranston, the inebriated, and weak, and dazed Tyler Smith, and the 5’2 Allison Butler, should have jumped him,” Cranston’s defense attorney, Kevin Sali said.

The jury heard from multiple witnesses over five days, including from Cranston, his friend Tyler Smith, his fiancé, police officers who responded to the scene and forensic investigation experts.

It was not clear how long the deliberations might take.

You can watch Judge Beth Bagley’s jury instructions in the video below.

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