▶️ Closing arguments in Ian Cranston murder trial expected Tuesday


The prosecution and defense in the case both stated Monday what they believe the jury should and should not decide on when deliberations begin. Those deliberations could begin Tuesday.

Cranston is on trial for charges of second degree murder, first degree manslaughter, and second degree manslaughter after shooting and killing Barry Washington, Jr. in Downtown Bend in September 2021.

The defense claims Cranston shot Washington after Washington assaulted Cranston, leaving the left side of Cranston’s face bruised and lacerated.

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The defense argued any words the Cranston group may have said to Washington cannot be considered a lawful excuse for Washington to begin punching Cranston.

“The Cranston group’s words cannot be deemed to make Washington’s use of force against them lawful,” Cranston’s defense attorney, Kevin Sali said.

Both sides are expected to present their closing arguments on Tuesday. After that, Judge Bagley will give her instructions to the jury before deliberations begin.

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