▶️ Hunnell Road deaths declared heat-induced; volunteer efforts continue


The Oregon State Medical Examiner has declared last Sunday’s deaths on Hunnell Road to be the result of record temperatures.

The deceased, 60-year-old Alonzo Boardman, 60 and 64-year-old Joseph Davis, were among the campers living on the road.

The peak of the heat wave might be over, but conditions for those without housing remains dangerous. 

Volunteer efforts are persisting in the houseless community, with the City of Bend planning to keep their station running at least through the weekend.

“We’ve set up a few cooling stations up on Hunnell Road, with misters and showerheads and coolers with bottled water, that sort of thing,” said Assistant City Manager Jon Skidmore. 

He said the city’s state of emergency, which allows them to provide such resources more quickly, may be extended past July 9th if the heat persists.

Those volunteering through a variety of nonprofits, such as the Helpers and Central Oregon Peacekeepers, say they’ll remain at least until tomorrow evening.

“We just have people pass out dry food and water and whatever else we can pass out to make the heat a little bit easier on them,” said Peacekeepers President Luke Richter. 

“What they need from us volunteers is to go door to door, make sure the residents are all ok, because we’ve had some fatalities,” said volunteer Susan Richman. 

Food, cold drinks, flip flops, sunscreen, and a plethora of other supplies to help beat the heat fill the volunteers’ tent.

All supplies have been dropped off by community members, and volunteers deliver them to campers and man the tent for visitors.

Camper and volunteer Larry Patton has been working at the station since the heatwave began.

“I’m here from seven in the morning until everybody leaves at night…except for yesterday, they made me take the day off,” he said. 

Richman hopes that availing of their services comes away with some hope.

“It’s just to see that there’s people that care, and people here that have got their back,” she said. 

Since June 20th, Bend Fire has responded to 20 heat-affected patients, and St. Charles has treated 19 patients for heat-related conditions over the past week.

Those looking to escape the heat can also visit the cooling shelter run by Shepherd’s House Ministries on NE Second St.


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