▶️ Destination Oregon: Humble Spirit


The farm to table food movement is nothing new. Food, fresh off the farm, that you take home to your kitchen table.

There’s a unique farm in the Willamette Valley that takes the farm to table concept to the next level.

We told you in another Destination Oregon about Tabula Rasa, the regenerative farm near Carlton that pays equal attention to its water and soil as it does to its organic produce and livestock. They sell their products at a farm market in nearby Yamhill.

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That brings us to Humble Spirit, a restaurant owned and operated by the same Tabula Rasa folks in nearby McMinnville. And that is a defining characteristic of the relationship between the soil and the table. What happens here dictates what happens here.

Even in the middle of winter, they take what the nutrient-rich Tabula Rasa soil gives him this time of year. Humble Spirit also accepts produce from other regenerative farms in the McMinnville area. The restaurant has a sort-of fine dining vibe.

Humble Spirit is on 3rd Street in downtown McMinnville. It is considered a seasonal bistro where nature calls the shots in terms of what’s fresh on the menu.

Book a weekend at the fabulous bed and breakfast on the Tabula Rasa grounds and make a reservation for at least one meal at nearby Humble Spirit. Perhaps you’ll feel the organic, intentional connection between the farmland and the restaurant table.


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