▶️ Hospice of Redmond hosts virtual Festival Trees on Friday



In its 37 years, Hospice of Redmond has never hosted a virtual Festival of Trees.

That changes Friday night.

“In a year of 2020 when joy has been a little limited honestly,” Jane McGuire, Hospice of Redmond operations manager, said. “It’s fantastic for us to be able to come together with our community, still provide this events, still provide that joy and spirit of Christmas. We’re honored to do it.”

Twenty-five trees are up for bid benefiting Hospice of Redmond.

The money helps fund grieving and transition programs, as well as patients who can’t afford their care.

The virtual auction, featuring the best of the best trees, will air live tonight at 7 p.m. on Central Oregon Daily News.

You can bid online as it’s happening.

“We’ve never done online bidding before or built out a website where we’ve had all of these trees to auction off,” McGuire said. “Then we’ve been spending this week teaching some of the normal bidders how to do this in this type of environment. It’s been challenging, but it’s come together really well so we’re thankful for that.”

Winning bidders get more than a beautiful tree.

“There’s all different kinds of gift certificates available as well, and some of the trees have less gift certificates and more actual items,” McGuire said. “And so you can take a look at what those items are and gift cards are right on that site.”

It’s the year of making the best out of every situation.

One ornament, one string of lights and one bid at a time.


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