▶️ Hoodoo Ski Area Friday Night Lights brings night skiing and live music


Where can you go in Central Oregon to get your ski on and your groove on? Hoodoo, of course, where one of the highlights is Friday Night Lights.

“Every Friday night we have a live band come up and ski in the lodge, as well as night skiing. It’s the only Central Oregon night skiing opportunity. We just have a good time every Friday night,” said Matthew McFarlane, Hoodoo Ski Area General Manager.

“We have something for everybody. Whether it’s bluegrass — even last week we had some Grateful Dead covers. We hire bands to come up but then other people want to come up and show us their talents as well,” said McFarlane.

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And it doesn’t stop at traditional rock and pop music. At times, it almost takes on a carnival style atmosphere. 

“So we get guys coming up and playing the didgeridoo and the bagpipes and fire dancing, just randomly. We don’t know who’s going to show up. It’s like an open mic out here. So we have our band in the lodge and somebody doing something fun outside,” said McFarlane.

And there are three more nights per week when night skiing is available.

“We’re one of the biggest night ski places in Oregon. So Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, you’ve got four nights you can come up here and ski under the lights. We’re open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. four days a week. So if you find some time during the day, you can come up and enjoy yourself,” said McFarlane.


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