▶️ Local pastor and family sleeps in homeless unit, showcasing Oasis Village


A pastor in Redmond is showcasing a tiny home from what will be Oasis Village.

“We’re doing a barbecue for Father’s Day, regular church service and then inviting a bunch of people and continue to show off the tiny house and get a lot of people to see it,” said Pastor Russell with Mountain View Fellowship Church in Redmond.

The idea is to show people what the temporary homeless shelter will look like, but as for Friday night, Pastor Rick Russell and his family will be sleeping in the tiny home outside the church.

“It might be a step down for me tonight, but I’m reminded that this is a step up for a lot of people and I want to support that,” he added.

He won’t be alone. His family is joining him.

“For them it is a little bit eye opening too, that there will be kids like them that will sleep in a place like this permanently, as a permanent place to call home,” Russell said. “So, I don’t know. I am glad they get to experience that.”

Oasis Village is working with Deschutes County to develop a 10-acre site within the Redmond City limits North of Highway 26 for temporary shelters.

Board chair Bob Bohac says last year the non-profit raised around one million dollars for the project.

Gated, essential ‘Oasis Village’ in the works for Redmond homeless community

“This cost around $10,000 and we are trying to at least get six units sponsored by different groups in town, so we can get it open next year,” said Bohac.

The village plans to hold workshops on topics like accessing Social Security benefits, applying and interviewing for jobs, and budgeting.

“We want to provide these shelters, provide these villages, so that they have the services that are needed to get themselves out of houselessness,” Bohac added.

The non-profit hopes to grow to 20-30 units with a community shower, restrooms, and laundry and kitchen units.

It will be fenced to provide safety, security and privacy for guests.

Pets will be allowed at this village. Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted.

Length of stay is estimated to be 6 months to 2 years with required progress towards stable housing.


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