▶️ Anonymous homeless person raises money for local charities


It was high water mark during this season of giving, a homeless person standing on a busy street corner in Redmond raises money for charities.

Back during the December snowstorms, a homeless individual stood at the intersection of 9th and Highland and solicited donations for three charities.

Last week the individual turned the money over to Jericho Road for distribution.

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“For somebody that doesn’t have anything, that is homeless, that is living day to day… to turn that around and give 200 dollars to three organizations is really gratifying,” said Mark Keener, Chair of the Jericho Road of Redmond board of directors.

“It’s what the spirit of the season is all about. It’s pretty amazing.”

The homeless individual who raised the money for Sara’s Project for Breast Cancer, Wounded Warriors and the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital wishes to remain anonymous.

However, the individual asked that the money, when presented to the charities, be identified as coming from a “friend.”

“We see people standing on street corners flying signs and panhandling, or whatever you want to call it. We make the first judgement that the money is going to go to alcohol. This changes all that,” Keener said.

“This is more giving back to other people that need it which is huge. The whole thing just warms your heart.”

Keener knows the homeless individual who broke the panhandler stereotype to raise money for three charities but is respecting the individual’s request to remain anonymous.

Keener thanked the many people who gave money to the individual at the corner of 9th and Highland, and wants the community to know the money is being delivered to the designated charities.


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