▶️Holy Cow! Record number of people attend OSU Extension calf birthing class


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After local rancher Dennis Doherty struggles with a calf being born upside down and backwards, he wanted to discover new ways to deal with these unique situations.

“So I called OSU and they said let me send you to this guy and they sent me to Scott,” said Prineville Rancher Dennis Doherty, “Thoroughly impressed. He hammered it out. I think it was two weeks, I called and asked if he had any dates for us yet and he sent us a flier.”

The birthing class hosted by OSU extension returned for the first time since 2018.

The Class was held in Prineville at the OSU Extension Services building.

 “Our whole goal is to keep our livestock healthy and happy,” said OSU Extension Livestock Specialist for Central Oregon Scott Dugan.

“They went over tools, positions, and how you set up your birthing area or ranching area, it was very, very informative,” Doherty

Doherty says the class usually averages around 15 people, Thursday night it had close to 60.

After a long seminar, people were tested with a hands on simulation

Gregg Mohnen, Tumalo Rancher

“You have to diagnose by feel. What was there, the calf had one leg forward, one leg back at the hips, so you have to maneuver the calf back in so you can straighten the leg out and use the technique of short pulls to get the calf to come,” said Tumalo Rancher Gregg Mohnen about his simulation.

Mohnen’s been birthing calves for 60 years and still came to the class.

“There is always a new technique or something to learn from any class you attend,” said Mohnen.


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