Hollinshead Homestead open house provides glimpse into the past


On Saturday, a holiday history lesson on Bend’s past was presented from someone who lived it.

Sharron Rosengarth was born and raised on the Hollinshead Homestead in northeast Bend, and she provided an open house of her old home to give visitors a taste of life on a 1940’s Central Oregon homestead.

A portion of the land and the buildings were donated to Bend Park and Recreation district in the 70’s, and her husband restored the house in 1997.

“I’ve been giving tours ever since then and just enjoying every bit of it , it’s like visiting my family all over again,” Rosengarth said.

The open house had been on a two-year pause due to the pandemic, but Rosengarth was glad to be back showing off the old house and sharing her experiences of growing up on what was then a ranch ‘way out in the country.’


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