▶️ Here are most-needed donations for Central Oregon nonprofits right now


The holidays are a great time of year to donate, and many people do. While giving toys, Christmas trees and clothing are all appreciated and welcomed, Bethlehem Inn says some other items need more priority.

Gwenn Wysling, executive director of Bethlehem Inn, told us these are the donations the inn needs right now:

  • Water-proof gloves
  • XXL-XXXL coats
  • Large boots – men’s and women’s 
  • Backpacks 
  • Coffee
  • Coffee creamer
  • Handwarmers

We also reached out to Jericho Road, a volunteer-based group in Redmond. Co-chair of the organization, Priscilla Bigler, shared that their rental assistance program needs the most help.

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“That need has doubled in the past two months due to increasing rent costs and shortages of jobs and it’s the winter and it’s Christmas,” said Bigler.

Jericho Road can best help those facing rent they cannot pay with monetary donations. Aside from that, these items would also go a long way:

  • Batteries
  • Headlamps
  • Warm clothes 
  • Propane

Central Oregon Villages told us they also need propane. 

“We’re really looking for propane, small canister propane,” said Nicky Merritt, executive director of Central Oregon Villages.

Propane can be used in buddy heaters, which are essential to those living outside right now. 

“One of those canisters will last about six hours and so they are, in these temperatures, struggling to stay warm,” said Merritt.

While these are specific donations needed right now, it is still encouraged to donate food, water and all types of clothing.

Too much of one thing will find a home somewhere. 

“We work to try and redirect the items to where they are needed most,” said Wysling.

If you have the means to donate, you can always call your local nonprofits and ask what they need most. 

We were also told, by all three organizations, that donating your time and volunteering is always appreciated.


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