▶️ Little Did I Know: Learning to deal with grief and loss around the holidays


If you are a regular viewer of Central Oregon Daily News, you probably saw our own Meteorologist Scott Elnes leave Central Oregon for a life in Portland with his new fiancee and a new job this past summer.

But as you may have noticed, he’s back. And while he’s glad to be back, the reason why he is back is a powerful story that may speak to many of you.

It’s a story about learning to deal with grief and loss, especially around the holiday season.

It seems like we all know someone who may be having a rough go this time of year. And it’s often hard to know what to do. Do you interfere? Or is interfering just going to make things worse?

If you, or someone you love is suffering this year, you can contact Sarah Peterson at Clear Mourning: www.clearmourning.org. You can also contact Deschutes County Crisis Services: 800-7875-7364

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