▶️ Destination Oregon: Hendricks Park in Eugene


When things get a little to hectic and crazy, we often look for a quiet haven to catch our breath and relax. In one of Oregon’s metropolitan areas, there is such a place.

On the east side of Eugene, just a mile from the bustling University of Oregon campus, sits an oasis of natural beauty where the cares of the outside world take a back seat to peace and quiet.

Hendricks Park is 80 acres in the heart of Eugene. It offers a variety of leisurely, peaceful pastimes, chief among them basking in the beauty of some of mother nature’s finest work.

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April and May is the peak season for rhododendrons, The explosion of color and beauty is something to behold. There is also a three-acre Native Plant Garden in Hendricks Park, where plants native to Oregon are showcased.

The forest here is thick with Douglas Fir and Oregon White oak trees.

Something incredible is the fact that they have just two full time employees maintaining Hendricks Park, which means they depend on a lot of volunteers.



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