▶️ Tips to ease the burden on your air conditioner during heat wave


This heat wave is hitting Central Oregonians pretty hard and keeping many people indoors as much as possible. 

These triple-digit temperatures are also putting a real strain on air conditioning units, which some leave running non-stop. 

Joe Morris, an HVAC technician with Bend Heating and Cooling says this is his busy season. The hotter it gets, the more the air conditioning runs.

“It just makes the run time a lot longer, and, like I said, if you didn’t maintain it, it’s going to put a little wear and tear on the components,” said Morris.

This maintenance can include simple repairs like replacing the AC filter and cleaning its coils. 

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Morris also has tips for how to lessen the burden on your AC and how to keep cool if the unit gives out completely. 

“If you have no AC at all, open your windows at night and then shut the curtains,” said Morris. “Try to keep it nice and cool in the house. Less traffic in and out keeps the cooling in.”

Morris recommends having a backup portable air conditioner just in case your main one goes out. 

People walking in downtown Bend said they are relying on their AC to get them through the high temperatures.

“Trying to stay out of the sun as much as we can in the shade. Unfortunately running the AC at home because it’s about all we can do to stay cool,” said David Browning. 

“I just turn on the AC, go swimming or stay in the shade,” said Varun Khanal.

“At home, to stay cool, would be the air conditioning, but on days like today definitely get in the river,” said Brian Anderson. 



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