▶️ Bend vet clinic sees increase in overheated dogs during heat wave


The heat wave is causing dogs to experience heat-related illnesses and burnt paw pads. 

According to Plateau Veterinary Hospital, dog owners can take steps to prevent harm to their pet.

“Don’t take them out until it’s cooler. Stay away from black tops. That’s usually the most pets we see right now is that they get burns from black tops,” said Lead Surgical Assistant Victoria Olson.

Olson suggests people have cooling mats, splash pads and lots of water for their fury companions. 

Just like our feet, dog paws can only take so much on hot pavement.

“75 to 80 degrees is where you kind of want to start being very, very cautious,” said Olson.

“It’s just like if we can’t walk barefoot on the pavement, our dogs probably shouldn’t either.”

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The bricks Drake Park in Bend were measuring 130 degrees. We spoke with park visitors to see how they are keeping their dogs safe.

“You have to keep them off the asphalt at all costs,” said Roger Brady of Bend.

Another dog owner had the same idea.

“We try to find a grassy spot, like this nice park and stay off the pavement and just keep him out of the sun,” said Serenity Santistevan.

A responsible 5-year-old makes sure her dogs are comfortable. 

“I keep my dogs cool by keeping them in the shade,” said Violet Ornelas.

The dogs most at risk to overheating are short-nosed dogs: pitbulls, spaniels, pugs, boxers, Boston Terriers, and others. Their noses are not able to keep them as cool as other dogs, according to Plateau Veterinary Hospital. This heat wave is especially dangerous for those specific dogs. 


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