▶️ Destination Oregon: Heartline Ranch


As summer looms closer, some of us start planning outdoor adventures. Camping is on the minds of many.

If you’re looking for a way to rough it while learning about the Native American way of life, there’s a place down Highway 97 from Central Oregon called Heartline Ranch that may be just for you.

Kori Guy Crutcher is an artist. Pottery and paint are her mediums.

Cowboy Bob is Kori’s husband. He designs and makes furniture in his elaborate workshop at their home in Chiloquin. When he’s not making furniture, Cowboy Bob writes books like “Tales of the Trails.”

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So, what does this have to do with camping? In addition to their artistic pursuits, Cowboy Bob and Kori — who have Navajo and Cherokee heritage — run a little campground called the Heartline Ranch.

But this is not your typical campground. They used to have five authentic Lakota-style Indian tipis that you could rent.

But in September of 2020, a forest fire burned more than 14,000 acres and it swept through Heartline Ranch and torched five of the seven tipis. One special tipi was spared.

There are now just two tipis –the surviving Red Tail Hawk tip and a second, brand new one. But full disclosure: this ain’t glamping. Far from it.

This could be a unique getaway for you — kind of roughing it in a genuine Indian tipi where you can learn native American ways and sneak in a trip to nearby Crater Lake National Park.

You can learn more at heartlineranch.com


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