HB 3427 Passes After Democrats Strike a Deal with Senate Republicans

State lawmakers in Salem have confirmed with Central Oregon Daily that Senate Republicans negotiated a deal to return to the Senate floor on Monday for a discussion and vote on a new tax bill in exchange for Senate Democrats dropping high-profile bills on vaccine exemptions and gun safety.
The Senate convened on Monday afternoon, and voted on House Bill 3427, also known as the Student Success Act, a new business tax to bring in revenue for education. The bill passed 17 to 11. It now Heads to Governor Kate Brown’s desk, where she is expected to sign the bill.
In exchange for providing a quorum, Senate Republicans asked Democrats to keep House Bill 3063 and Senate Bill 978 from reaching the Senate floor, effectively killing those bills during this legislative session.
House Bill 3063 would have removed all non-medical exemptions for vaccinations for school-age children and Senate Bill 978 was a gun-control bill that would have banned “ghost guns” assembled by 3D printers, regulated gun owners who did not secure their firearms and give gun sellers the right to not sell guns to people under 21.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has the latest on Monday’s developments in Salem.

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