▶️ ‘I feel violated’: Vandals target Redmond family’s Halloween display


A Redmond family has decided to take down their elaborate Halloween display outside their home after vandals struck two nights in a row.

Homeowner Kristina Jordan provided video to Central Oregon Daily News showing what appears to be teenagers vandalizing and stealing from the display.

“I don’t feel safe. I feel violated. Nine years living in the same place, this hasn’t happened before,” Jordan said.

The crimes occurred Saturday and Sunday night.

“We had vandalism the first night,” Jordan said. They picked up my heavy gravestones that are actually made of stone and threw them at my home, broke them. They did steal a couple pieces of property. They also punched holes in a few of my inflatables.” 

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The crime goes deeper than ruining a family’s Halloween display.

“We have an eight-year-old son who has autism and Halloween is his favorite holiday,” Jordan said. “So this was very hard for him to deal with. It was very disruptive for him.”

The Jordans have since taken down what remains of their decorations out of fear the vandals will strike again. 





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