▶️ Halloween safety top of mind for parents and kids


When it comes to Halloween, it’s not little goblins and ghouls that scares parents the most.

“There’s a certain level of safety that I want to stick with.”

James Coan plans to join his seventh grade daughter trick or treating this year, making sure she has the most fun and safe Halloween experience possible.

“I just want to make sure my daughter is OK, and it’s a holiday so I want to make sure she’s having a good time and do my best to do that,” Coan said. 

But it’s not his daughter knocking on strangers doors or getting lost that he’s concerned about. It’s the traffic.

“People are less likely to be paying attention to their surroundings because they’re on their cell phones, even when they’re driving,” Coan said. “I’ve seen it a lot. Or they get distracted, especially when it’s Halloween and they’re looking at decorations or things like that.”

Not every parent is worried when it comes to candy collecting.

Gloria Eversley is a great grandmother who feels Bend is a safe enough place to let kids wander.

“I haven’t seen any problems here in Bend. In fact, I like living here. It’s so nice and people are so friendly, so I think they watch out for everybody around here,” Eversley said. 

However, Gloria’s great granddaughter, Savannah, still plans on sticking with her parents this Halloween. And she has some trick or treating tips of her own.

“You watch where you’re going because there might be some…I don’t know…people not watching you, and something might happen, ” Savannah said. “But for the most part, just have fun and try and get lots of candy.”

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