▶️ How to avoid harming wildlife with your Halloween decorations


Think Wild, a local animal hospital, is warning that small injuries and even death could occur in animals if Halloween accessories aren’t put up with safety in mind.

“When people have their cobwebs, their string lights, hanging decorations that can cause a problem for birds or other mammals as they’re walking through your yard,” said Savanna Scheiner a wildlife technician with Think Wild.

Halloween decorator Donna Vermillion’s yard is pretty animal safe, even with the Halloween decorations. 

“Well I decorate every year mainly because people enjoy it so well,” said Vermillion.

Donna’s lights and webs are tightly wrapped around her fence, instead of loosely hung or blocking an animal path. 

Her inflatables are also inside her fence line, preventing deer or other mammals from walking over them while they are deflated and getting tangled.

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Think Wild also recommends dim string lights so as not to distract birds while flying, keeping wires from inflatables away from where an animal would walk and not wrapping lights in bushes so squirrels and raccoons avoid getting trapped in them.

Getting tangled is very stressful and injuries can also occur. 

“With stress, these wildlife can unfortunately just die,” said Scheiner.

If you have an animal trapped in your Halloween decorations, you can call the Think Wild hotline at (541) 241-8680.

Has Vermillion ever had to call the hotline?

“No, I haven’t had any animals get caught in the decorations,” said Vermillion. “They just walk around them if they come in. Sometimes I do get deer come in here, but I’ve never had any get caught.”


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