▶️ Students in Crook County HS gun incident face expulsion hearing


Two students that were reportedly in possession of a handgun at Crook County High School on Wednesday are facing an expulsion hearing, according to Crook County School District. 

“We will definitely follow the protocols and the law on that,” Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson said. “It’s required expulsion for any kind of a weapon offense.”

A student reported to a teacher that another student had a handgun on Tuesday.

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“It’s excellent to be able to say a student reported it to his teacher, who immediately contacted the administration, and they were swift,” Dr. Johnson said. “They got ahold of police, they followed protocols that we have in place.”

The weapon was recovered at 1:21 p.m. according to a Prineville Police report. Crook County High School begins classes at 9:05 a.m. It remains unclear if the weapon was on school grounds for the duration of that time span. 

Police said the recovered weapon was stolen from a car on Monday, and that the firearm was passed around between two students. Both students allegedly had the gun at different times during school hours.

Dr. Johnson says parents were notified of the incident through emails, text messages and phone calls.


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