▶️ Grinch on the Loose: Christmas decorations stolen from outside Bend home


No one puts up Christmas decorations expecting the Grinch to snatch them up.

Whoever’s doing it is taking away from other people, and ruin the fun for people who enjoy it.”

That’s Kelsey Franke of Bend. On Thursday she and her husband Jacob got a call from her neighbor around 5 a.m. letting them know they saw a man piling up their Christmas decorations in their front yard near 15th and Reed Market.

“It makes absolutely no sense why you would steal decorations. Like there’s no value to it aside from the people who put it out there themselves.” Kelsey said. 

The Frankes were quick to check footage from their Ring doorbell camera where they saw the Christmas crook stealing power strips, a light projector, and a welcome sign.

“We secure what we can. It’s kind of hard with Christmas decorations,” Kelsey said. 

Turns out, this isn’t the first time someone’s stolen holiday decorations from their property.

“We actually had one guy in October jump our fence, walk through the rear yard, and around our backyard through the side gate. Turned around and he was then walking on our porch and took a bunch of our Halloween decorations.” Jacob said.

But based on the videos, the Frankes don’t believe the same person hit them twice.

And neither incident will stop them from putting up decorations in the future.

“We’re not gonna stop, but it definitely makes us be a little bit more cautious knowing that items are being taken. And securing them down properly is a tip,” Jacob said. 

The Frankes say it is what it is. But they’re confident this crook won’t be on the nice list this year.


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