Brown visits guardsmen for the National Guard’s 385th birthday


CLACKAMAS — Oregon Governor Kate Brown visited Camp Withycombe on Dec. 13, 2021, taking part in a demobilization ceremony and recognizing Oregon National Guard members mobilized around the state that were activated to support hospitals during the COVID-19 Delta surge.

Governor Brown, along with Maj. Gen. Michael E. Stencel, Adjutant General, Oregon, also talked with service members deployed overseas and around the U.S. during a video chat prior to the ceremony.

During the video calls they both thanked the Guardsmen for their service and wished them happy holidays.

“These past two years have shown the resiliency and dedication of our Oregon National Guard members, their families, and their employers,” said Governor Brown. “When Delta surged, the National Guard stepped up and went into our hospitals and our long-term care facilities when they needed help. And this was after door-to-door winter storm support, wildland firefighting, and deployments both overseas and domestic.

“I cannot overstate how much of a difference this mission has made in keeping Oregonians safe and healthy. This mission has deployed more than 1,600 Oregon National Guard members—that’s our second-largest domestic response ever (only Hurricane Katrina resulted in a larger deployment). The National Guard has shown Oregonians time and time again that no matter the mission, they are ready and willing to do extraordinary things, and be the heroes we need.”

Governor Brown and Major General Stencel took time following the ceremony to personally greet service members as part of the National Guard’s 385th Birthday commemoration.


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