▶️ Gov. Brown recall efforts fall short of required signatures


Two grassroots efforts to recall Gov. Kate Brown failed to generate enough signatures to force a special election.

Monday marked the deadline for the campaigns to submit the signatures. Each needed 280,000 valid signatures to satisfy election requirements.

Bill Currier, Chair of the Oregon Republican Party, said on the Lars Larson Show, that they fell about 25,000 valid signatures, or about 8%, shy of election requirements.

“This is far from over. There are plenty of petition signatures still to be gathered,” said Bill Currier, Oregon Republican Party Chair. “I think people need to understand that we had 90 days to collect  twice as many signatures as a normal petition that gets a whole year to do that.”

The Oregon Republican Party campaign gathered more than twice the number of signatures than the Flush Down Kate Brown campaign chaired by Michael Cross of Turner, Oregon.

Deschutes Republican Petition Committee Chairwoman Brittany Richardson says she is proud of the local effort by volunteer signature gatherers.

“There were so many people who stepped up and took the initiative to set up outside of locations,” Richardson said. “Take that risk of unpleasant encounters with people. Some had their kids. It was a really incredible effort in this whole community of central Oregon.”

Both recall campaigns say they want Brown out of office for supporting a bill to grant undocumented immigrants driver’s licenses, concerns about the state’s pension and foster care systems, and efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon.

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