Brown enacts final foreclosure moratorium extension; expires Dec. 31


Oregon’s residential mortgage foreclosure moratorium has been extended until December 31, according to Governor Kate Brown.

Brown announced the extension Wednesday, saying it will prevent Oregonians from losing their homes due to lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we continue to see record high numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations driven by the delta surge, I am committed to ensuring that Oregonians have a warm, dry, safe place to live during this pandemic,” said Governor Brown.

“Extending the temporary residential foreclosure moratorium another three months will prevent removal of Oregonians from their homes by foreclosure, which would result in serious health, safety, welfare, and financial consequences, and which would undermine key efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19.”

This is the second and final extension Brown is allowed under House Bill 2009, which allowed her to extend it for two successive three-month periods beyond June 30.

The extension is also meant to help landlords with tenants struggling to pay rent.

The Governor’s Office encourages Oregonians to contact housing counselors if they have fallen behind on their mortgages in order to find the best options for keeping their homes.

A list of housing counselors in communities across Oregon is available here.


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