Golden bottle found in Bend; finder directs $500 to local nonprofit


All six golden bottles hidden around the state for the 50th Anniversary of Oregon’s Bottle Bill have been found.

The hunt, which took place from July 7th through the 11th, involved a series of clues hunters could use to determine the locations of hidden bottles in six different zones throughout the state.

Zone 4 included Central Oregon, and that bottle was found in Shevlin Park on Sunday by Erin Pryor, who lives in Bend.

She and three other friends from a trivia team were able to work together, and one of them walked over 25 miles in the hunting process.

“We took turns as work schedules allowed with my husband and another friend,” she said. “So four of us total really putting forth a lot of effort in almost every park in Bend it felt like!”

Clue #3 was the biggest roadblock on the team’s journey.

“We spent hours looking through Drake Park, as we were so sure it was there,” Pryor said.

They were able to narrow down the location to Shevlin Park, after realizing that Clue #4 referenced the John Wayne movie “Rooster Cogburn”, which was partially filmed there.

“We narrowed it down to Shevlin at that point and made sure to be in the center of Shevlin for 10 a.m. when the final clue hit so we could run and find it,” she said.

The hunt was put on by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, which allowed those who found the bottles to direct $500 donations to the nonprofits of their choice.

Once their bottle was found, Erin and her team decided to direct their donation to Street Dog Hero of Bend.

“We knew going in we wanted a local nonprofit that supported dogs on some level,” Pryor said. “I’ve been following Street Dog Hero for some time now and really admire that they try to save dogs that might not have a chance otherwise. We’re all dog lovers, so we hope that they can help some dogs with the winnings.”

A total of $3,000 was directed to a variety of nonprofits by the following finders:

— Zone 1A: Adair Fernee of Portland, who is directing her $500 donation to Street Roots.

— Zone 1B: Liam, Trisha, and Ted Rutherford of Stayton, who are directing their $500 donation to Stayton Young Life.

— Zone 2: Samantha Fieber of Toledo, who is directing $300 to the Toledo Food Share Pantry and $200 to Toledo Jr/Sr High School Music Program.

— Zone 3: Caitlin Fernandez of Medford, who is directing her $500 donation to the Central Point Elementary School PTA Program.

— Zone 4: Erin Pryor of Bend, who is directing the donation to Street Dog Hero of Bend.

— Zone 5: Jared and Kristen Howell of Prairie City, who are directing their donation to Hope4Paws of Grant County.

“Congrats to the lucky finders! And thank you to everyone who participated,” said Eric Chambers, External Relations Director for OBRC, “Our volunteer clue writers, everyone who came out to look for a bottle, and everyone who followed the hunt on social media. We were very excited to see so many people, across the entire state, enjoying the special places the Bottle Bill helps protect while they hunted for bottles.” 


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