▶️ Bend ghost hunters catch what they call ‘full body apparition’ in cemetery


Tonya Whitefawn-McCommas and her husband Kent McCommas are co-founders of the Native Paranormal Seekers, a Bend-based paranormal investigation team.

The couple have been paranormal investigators for 15 years and have amassed over $20,000 in equipment to aid in their investigations. 

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Their most recent ghost hunt took place in a home in Washougal, Washington. They claim the home is a “train station for spirits.”

“We wanted to hear straight from [the owner] all the things that he’s experienced in the home,” McCommas said. “He just started clicking them off — horrifying things that would send most people. They wouldn’t think twice about staying in that house.”

The McCommas provided Central Oregon Daily with some video of that investigation. The clip shows what they say is a shadowy figure zooming across a hallway of the home behind Whitefawn.

In a more locally based ghost hunt, the team took to a Bend cemetery where they say they caught a full body apparition standing up and walking before vanishing. They say they caught an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) from the entity.

According to them it says “Look at me… Focus”.

The Native Paranormal Seekers say they don’t have any new investigations on hand right now, but they are always open and responsive to inquiries.



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