▶️ Gas station loses $12,000 on $1.99 per gallon sale; says it was worth it


A Georgia gas station owner lost $12,000 Monday — on purpose — by selling his gas at dirt cheap prices.

It wasn’t a mistake. He wanted to help the community.

“Everyone’s wallet’s taking a hit right now in 2022, so the least we can do as a locally, independently owned convenient store is give back for the community,” said Ravi Patel, the owner of A to Z Food Mart in Hinesville, Ga.

It’s a gesture that was more than appreciated, though Patel’s long time customers are not surprised.

“It don’t surprise me at all because they’re always doing something for the community, they’re always giving back,” said Darlene Hills, a customer of 15 years.

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Those in line for the gas say higher prices have put a strain on their wallets, so waiting for hours to fill up for cheap was no problem.

“Two dollars? You can’t beat that, especially now that gas is almost close to five dollars around here, so it’s good,” said Maggie Jackson.My daughter told me all about it, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna get in this line.’ And I drive about an hour and a half a day, so the gas is worth it,” said Sylvia Andrews.

Georgia actually has one of the lowest average gas prices in the country. According to AAA, the average price for regular unleaded was $4.30 a gallon Tuesday, that’s 50 cents lower than the national average.

In Hinesville, where Patel held his three-hour, $1.99 per gallon sale, the average was $4.37.

In Bend, the price was more than a dollar higher at $5.52 Tuesday, and that’s 11 cents cheaper than the all-time high set on June 14. The Oregon statewide average was $5.47.



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