Gas prices continue to jump as crude oil costs surge


Surging crude oil costs have sent U.S. gas prices to their highest price since 2014, according to AAA.

Prices of U.S. crude climbed above $80, a seven-year high, and that’s putting upward pressure on retail gas prices.

For the week, the national average for regular jumps eight cents to $3.28 a gallon.

The Oregon average rose three cents to $3.76.

In Bend, the average price of a gallon of gas is $3.86

The national average is at its highest price since October 2014. The Oregon average is a little lower than its year-to-date high of $3.80 reached on August 19.

Oregon is one of 46 states where prices are higher this week. Oregon has the sixth-smallest weekly gain in the nation.

The District of Columbia (+15 cents) has the largest weekly increase in the country. Idaho (-1 cent) has the largest week-over-week decline.

California ($4.44) and Hawaii ($4.13) continue to have the most expensive gas prices in the country and are the only states in the nation with averages above $4 a gallon, and 44 states and the District of Columbia are at or above $3, up from 38 states and D.C. a week ago.

The cheapest gas in the nation is in Mississippi ($2.92) and Texas ($2.92).

For the 40th week in a row, no state has an average below $2 a gallon.


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