▶️ AAA: Oregon gas prices expected to be less volatile in 2023


The new year brings with it a new potential for increased fuel costs from home heating to the price at the pump. 

Oregon was only one of 10 states that did not see a spike in gas prices over the holiday. Forty other states were impacted by the winter storm that forced refineries across the country to shut down temporarily.

So, what can we expect here in Central Oregon for the first few weeks of the new year? AAA Oregon says the good news is that 2023 will be a less volatile year for gas prices. 

“The bad news is we still have that huge question mark out there which was the major factor impacting gas and oil prices for 2022 and that’s the ongoing war in Ukraine,” said Marie Dodds with AAA. “Of course with that tragic situation, none of us have any idea how events might unfold and when this horrible situation might come to an end.”

There’s another good reason to be thankful 2022 is in the rear-view mirror. Gas prices set a record here in Oregon.  The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded for the entire year of 2022 skyrocketed to $4.71.  That’s the highest average price in Oregon history.

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