▶️ Gambler 500 collects record amount of trash despite rainy weekend


Junk cars and loud engines made up the sights and sounds at the Deschutes County fairgrounds this past weekend for the Gambler 500 rally.

It’s described as a festival celebrating fun car culture and the outdoors. 

It’s also the largest trail clean-up operation in the entire world, and a little bit of rain didn’t stop the action.

“I think we’re sitting at about 1,000 cubic yards of trash right now which is a record we set in 2019 which we just beat,” said organizer Tate Morgan.

For perspective, that’s 12 40-yard dumpsters. Completely filled. With excess rubbish piled up outside the Expo Center.

All of that trash will be scooped up in the coming days and carted off to be properly disposed of.



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