▶️ WATCH: Skier wearing a camera falls into French Alps crevasse


Newly shared video captures the unbelievable moment a skier plunged into a deep glacier crevasse in the French Alps.

The footage of the incident, which actually happened last April, was posted on April 18 by a group of skiers calling themselves “The ,” who were skiing a glacier near La Grave, France, when one came across a deep hole and didn’t have enough time to avoid it.

Also known as a glacier mill, a moulin is a circular, shaft-like crevasse carved by meltwater.

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According to remarks given to local media, the skier fell about 15 meters down, but was safely rescued by the group who were equipped with ropes, harnesses, and other tools.

The group waited to share the video on social media because they were unsure of the reception it would receive, but decided it could be used to educate.

A Powtos member told Storyful that no matter how well one may know a glacier, “you can still get caught when you’re in a state of euphoria after a good few runs down in powder snow.”


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